शुक्रवार, 4 नवंबर 2011

Wildlife is ruining the river Suheli

Wildlife is ruining the river SuheliDudhwa National Park and the banks of the river flowing ever approximate the SuheliPrandayini were animals by giving them water. But Suheli Silting and natural change the river's wildlife has become an enemy.Silting from the hundreds of acres of lush pastures of the desert is dry and the lower parts is reduced. Most side effects it has on the life cycle is Barhsingon while looking for other places to visit villages where they do not mind the village's illegal to hunt. There is a steady decline in the number of wild animals. Government Administration respectively Suheli River cleanup - excavation has been spending money on the millions who were lost to Bandrbat contractors and officials. The result has turned out to be zero.Suheli river nearby forest and wildlife as a result of the destruction of rural areas has become due. The park administration officials responsible for the Deaf - the Suheli Bgir Binash watching a river.Due to their destruction is becoming now. In addition Gramimancl also adjacent to the river again and again the tragedy of floods are on the verge of clearing waste.Suheli The river flows from Nepal with rain water in the soil - sand comes. The deposition (Silting) has diminished due to the depth of the river around the Silting in the lower areas as they have been higher. Due to its nearest Nkuha seamless stream of water is not able to get. Consequently, the river has made a new channel PP sewer, culvert, drain the love in which the water was Suheli She also began to returnIs. Nkuha PWD road to the bridge on either side of the bridge Suheli Suheli Nkuha river water stream coming from the fast pace.But by the PWD are efforts being made to prevent erosion.Dudhwa road in the near future to widen the reduction of the trace is over 45 towns of the region including Nepal Tharu tribal nations can cut us to Dudhwa. Significantly, the natural changes in river Suheli also on the side nearest Graminancl starts. When a rain Ufnai Suheli river and surrounding countryside is filled in the fields is the most damage to crops. And rural, also again and again are forced to face the tragedy of floods.
मै बहुत धैर्यवान हूँ, सच बोलना और सुनना पसंद है,