शनिवार, 19 नवंबर 2011

Dudhwa led occupation began in exotic birds

Uttar Pradesh Dudhwa National Park's only coming to visit the country - was opened to foreign tourists are where. Sayberian Smnudr words that come from across the seven birds to foreign guests gradually has begun. So living in the stillness of the forest, ponds and lakes is in the resonant sound of birds.Dudhwa National Park from November 15 has been opened for tourist visits. Dudhwa So where is the arrival of tourists. The annual winter migration to the exotic birds from overseas influx of icy mountains gradually have started. Dudhwa National Park in the Forest, including the Jadital Vynjiv Kishanpur the Banketal Vihar, Badital, Tiger pools, etc. Natural Jlsroton Cngatal, ponds and lakes freeze Sayberian birds have started their own camp.
WWF's coordinator Dr. Gupta Sayberia amused during the winter due to cold Siberian Vders different species drove thousands of miles of the ponds and lakes with Dudhwa gets into the nest on trees that are and to reproduce as soon as the summer including children - are going back to your country. Be immersed in the stillness of the influx of exotic birds in the ponds is resonant sound with the movement of birds. Dudhwa National Park tourists coming to visit, especially in the Siberian word for bird lovers are the focus of attraction.Wildlife experts in the field, Dr. Jaswant Singh said that the foreign guests kaler Ureshin Vijl birds, Red Krised Poci, laser Vilsing Duck, Rudy Seldk, pin rail, common code, Grelg Guls, Red Krusred poachard, Gadwal, Melard, Great Komart, Little Kromart, Northern Pentil, laser Adjtent, Tufed Siberian species of duck, etc. come in Word Kishanpur and Dudhwa.

Cranes came back Domojel
 Dudhwa Tiger Reserve covers an area along the Sarda river side promenade and sandy Kishanpur Vynjiv field and paddy crops in the past half a decade before the empty fields in the hundreds of foreign guests Cranes Domojel bird had come. Villagers in the new species as well as tourist attractions. But next year never came back so far Domojel Cranes. Why this has not been researched in any way.

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